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Re: epson stylus color 740 - ugly printing

I use my Epson 740 flawlessly on Linux & FreeBSD 4.2.
I have used my same setup on RH, SuSE, Caldera, MD,
Debian, and FreeBSD.  Works on all systems.

I do NOT use cupsys.  I use the standard lpr/lpd.
To be truthful with you I don't even know what cupsys is :)

What I have is three queues:  lp=720x720,  lp1=360x360,
and lp2=1440x720.  All three queues work great.

I wrote an install script that will copy the Epson740
drivers to the Ghostscript directory, put in a new
/etc/printcap file, create /var/spool/lpd/{lp|lp1|lp2}
directories, and your done.  You just have to "restart"
the lpd daemon.

All you have to do is:
1) remove cupsys??
2) install lpd
3) install enscript-letter
4) install ghostscript
5) run my install script

If you want I can tar up my script and the Epson740 ghostscript
drivers and email them to you tonight when I get home from the office.

Let me know at:   cwaiken@telerama.com

Good Luck...


On Thu, 18 Jan 2001, Erik Steffl wrote:

-|Matthew Dalton wrote:
-|> Erik Steffl wrote:
-|> >
-|> >   I have epson stylus color 740 printer and cupsys 1.1.4-3
-|> >
-|> >   the printing seems to be working but:
-|> >
-|> >   lp -d epson740 picture.jpg       # 360 dpi
-|> >
-|> >   prints a picture but it's ugly, the colors are quite off (not
-|> > completely off, just noticeably different)
-|> Like I said to someone on this mailing list less than 2 hours ago:
-|> http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net
-|  thanks for the response. I did install the gimp-print but:
-|  1) I have cups installed, how do I use the gimp driver? when I choose
-|printing from gimp and choose anything else but the postscript driver it
-|simply does not get out to the printer and it seems that cups dies.
-|there are no error messages but nothing gets printed and localhost:631
-|does not respond. in other words: how do I send data to printer so that
-|it bypasses all the filters and goes straight to the printer?
-|  2) after I installed the cups related part I cannot configure or
-|manage printers anymore (via localhost:631). I still can add the
-|printer, I added one with the new driver from gimp-print and it seems to
-|do slightly better job but I would like to fine tune it - how do I do it
-|when localhost:631 does not allow me to? how to fix it?
-|  my system:
-|    debian unstable,
-|    kernel 2.2.17
-|    ii  cupsys         1.1.4-3
-|    ii  cupsys-bsd     1.1.4-3
-|    ii  cupsys-client  1.1.4-3
-|    print-4.1.1.tar.gz
-|  btw the cups part didn't compile/build right away, the epson.c misses
-|cups/http.h and also -lcups and -lcupsimage libraries are missing in
-|  are there plans to package gimp-print? include the cups part in cups?
-|  TIA
-|	erik

Christopher W. Aiken, Scenery Hill, Pa, USA
chris at cwaiken dot com,   www.cwaiken.com
Current O/S: Debian GNU/Linux 2.2_r2

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