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RE: Dell OptiPlex GX110 and XFree86

Where I work we use alot of Dells. Specifically the GX1 and GX110 models.
The GX1 is a Intel BX chipset, onboard ATI Rage Pro (4MB), and onboard 3COM
3C905B-TX (or can get an Intel Pro/100+), and sound is Crystal Semiconductor
CS4236. The GX110 is a Intel 810e chipset, with the integrated Intel 810
video (Dynamically assigned from system memory), integrated 3COM (3C509b or
3C509c, depending upon motherboard revision) or can get an Intel Pro/100+,
and sound is Analog Devices AD1881.

All of this was taken from memory and from http://support.dell.com. Just
create a account with a fake email address and peer thru the pages. They do
have some RH6.2 and RH7.0 drivers, but since I only use Debian and SuSE and
I don't have anything but Keyboard+Video+Mouse plugged into my workstation,
I've never tried to use them. The video has worked just fine for me.


Steven Beverly
Some guy working for some ISP

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aclark@asiaonline.net.au wrote:

> While I'm on the subject of annoying hardware in these Dells, anyone know
what chipset the sound hardware is and if it can be made to work with Linux?

the dells i had that were GX110s (we had about 15 of em) all used the
es1371 chipset,
it was a pci soundcard for us. or maybe it was es1370 ..either way the
sound was
a snap to setup. the video was hardest(was even harder in slink!).


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