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Re: [OT] sound card recommendations

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 07:22:49PM -0500, Sean wrote:
> Before spending hundreds, I'd look into spending about $50 for a Trident 
> 4DWave. The ALSA support is great, and you can help show your support for a 
> company that released their hardware specifications so good Linux drivers 
> could be built.

Yes, the 4DWave is what I've now.  It's good, and cheap, and I do
appreciate that they've supported free driver development.  I've bought
2 of their cards because of that.  However, the card isn't really
appropriate for my needs.  The system will be an MP3 server so I need an
unamplified line-out port (as it will eventually plug in to a stereo
amp) and a good line-in.  The 4DWave's line-in is pretty bad.
Definitely not something I'd use to record music from an audio tape.

It seems as though Creative is pretty good about releasing driver info
on most of their cards.  There's a lot of support for them in ALSA, in
any case.  They get pretty expensive, though.


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