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Re: LILO Problem

On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 07:15:37AM -0800, Dale Morris wrote:
> here's how my hd is partitioned:
> hdc1=windows
> hdc3=/
> hdc5=/home
> hdc6=/usr
> hdc4=swap

Assuming you didn't make a typo and meant hdc not hda, what is on hda (master
drive, primary controller)?  My brother looking over my shoulder just pointed
out something.  Are primarily a Windows user?  Are you thinking hdc = C:?
If so, that is likely your problem.  (My brother says don't feel bad.  It took
him a while get it right in his head.)  Linux maps drives like
       MSDOS    Linux
       ~~~~~    ~~~~~
        C:       hda    (master, primary controller)
        D:       hdb    (secondary, primary controller)
        E:       hdc    (master, secondary controller)
        F:       hdd    (secondary, secondary controller)
        (and so on)

If this is what you are doing, your drives are really partition like this:

If this is the case, make the appropriate changes in lilo.conf, i.e. change
all hdc to hda and lilo should be happy.  Let us know how you make out.

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