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Re: removing exe files...

On Monday 10 January 2000 12:00, D-Man wrote:
> cd / ; rm -fr *.exe
> ??
> This command will remove all files ending in ".exe" from the entire
> filesystem.  Is there some sort of naming convention used for those
> exe files?  If so, come up with a regex that will match all (or at
> least most) of those files without matching anything you want to
> keep. Then use it in conjunction with the "-r" (recursive) option to
> rm.
> -D
Mmm. This is a reckless habit to get into, find etc.. much safer.

Consider the consequences of your solution should the user accidentally
have a space after the "*" In your example.. goodbye OS.
Anyone contemplating using rm -rf * in the root directory has not been 
using Unix systems for very long...

> On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 08:26:02PM -0200, Marcelo Chiapparini wrote:
> | Hi to all!
> |
> | I installed potato at home because I want to move my production
> | system from OS/2 to Debian. After two month of playing around with
> | potato, and with the great help of people at this list, I am almost
> | ready to stat working with Debian. I copyied al my files from the
> | hpfs partition of OS/2 (in another disk) to the Debian disk. I have
> | a lot of FORTRAN exe files which will not work under potato because
> | they were compiled in OS/2. I want to remove them, but they are
> | spreaded in many directories and subdirectories.
> | How can I remove all of them? I search in the rm documentation (man
> | rm and info rm) but I didn't find anything.
> |
> | Thanks in advance for the help
> |
> | Marcelo

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