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Suggestions for an easy-to-setup 10/100 net card?

I'm a newbie asking for help as to which network
card to buy that will "just be seen" by a standard
Debian 2.2.17 install.  I've tried a Netgear FA312
and a Linksys LNE100TX rev. 4.1, but neither seems
to be easy to set up.  I did try getting the "tulip"
driver from scyld.com, but it seems to require munging
to compile and use.  I'm willing to spend money to get a
card that will either just "be seen" and set up by
the default install, or else at most need to have
one of the standard optional modules chosen that
are offered early in the Debian install.

I would like a 10/100 10BaseT card that uses
an efficient architecture so it doesn't load
the processor unduly, and I also want it to have
good WinME and Win2K drivers.

I notice that the Debian install "just sees" my Adaptec
SCSI card, and I'd like to get a network card that
is similarly mainstream so as to be easily set up.

Is there a currently-mainstream card that meets the
above requirements yet sells for not much above
the $60 range?  I'm willing to spend more for the
convenience, but I'd like to keep it in that range
if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Bryan Carpenter
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