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Re: Unidentified subject!

To quote Dataflash <linux_ecuador@yahoo.com>,
# I use Corel Linux, which is a debian distribution.

Correction; Corel Linux is a distribution *based* on Debian, but it is
not an official Debian distribution. In some cases, that's an extremely
important difference. Those WINE packages look like they were meant for
Debian - not Corel Linux.

# I downloaded the files at the above mentioned address, put it in
# tamporary folder on my PC, and run the Corel Update application.
# In it there is an option, _Install DEB file". I use it to select the
# wine files, but it says that needs (depends on) debconf.
# So I downloaded the debconf from the Debian site, and when I try to
# install it it says that it goes in conflict with apt.
# Then I UnInstall apt, and then it says that it goes in conflict with
# "menu". So I deinstall "menu", and the Corel/KDE grafical interface
# stop funcioning. I restarted the machine, it doesn't load the graph
# interface anymore. I can still log in as root in text mode.
# If I try to start X, with "startx", it starts fvwm, ...., which works,
# but that is not what I want.
# Where is the problem? 

Well, it seems to me that you've uninstalled a number of critical
packages, which is not good. I don't konw how to fix it, but I would
start by re-installing the Corel 'menu' and 'apt' packages. They'll
conflict with your WINE stuff, so you'll have to remove it. Hopefully,
when you're done, you'll be back where you started.


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