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Re: [2.4.0] migration to devfs

> That installed a script(s?) in /etc/init.d, which start devfsd at
> boot-time. Of course, you have to have the kernel automatically mount
> devfs in /dev, which is available as an option in the kernel
> pre-compilation configuration. If you didn't select it there, add
> "devfs=mount" as an argument to the kernel, either through
> /etc/lilo.conf, or at the boot-time LILO prompt.
> Then, it Just Worked(tm). All ownerships and permissions are as I'd
> expect, including /dev/sound and friends.

I did the same thing and now it Just Worked(tm).  Shrug.  Don't know what 
I was doing wrong before.  I had to add the following lines to 

# devices file
# format: name [bc] major minor uid gid mode

nvidia0 c       195     0       root    video   0660
nvidia1 c       195     1       root    video   0660
nvidia2 c       195     2       root    video   0660
nvidia3 c       195     3       root    video   0660
nvidiactl       c       195     255     root    video   0660

It appeares that /etc/init.d/devfsd reads this at startup and creates the
devices listed.  I'm going through my conf files and changing them all
over to the new devfs style entries and then will remove backwards
compatability through the /etc/devfs/devfsd.conf.  Thanks for the ideas.

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