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apt-get netscape v4.76 problem

I have done:
apt-get install netscape-base-4
apt-get install netscape-base-476
apt-get install netscape-java-476
apt-get install navigator-base-476
apt-get install communicator-base-476

but NONE of these ever installs the netscape
executable. or, if it is, I can't find it
anywhere to run it.
so, in conjunction to all of these apt-get
installations, I have also downloaded the
linux-2.2 navigator (not communicator) and ran
the ns-install script (which seems to work) but
the netscape executable still can't find the
libstdc++ (see below)

Please, anyone who has succesfully installed
netscape, please, how did you do it??

Good night, all.. I've been at this for quite
some time, and now it is time for sleep.  :-)

thankyou all who have replyed to me tonight. Your
support has kept me from going mad.


--- Xucaen <xucaen@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi all!
> I need some advice. I am running Debian v2.2r2,
> XFREE v3.3.6, I just installed Netscape v4.76.
> The installation was successful. But when I try
> to run netscape I get an error concerning libc.
> The README says there is a known
> incompatibility
> with Netscape and libc and to go to
> http://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/GCC to
> download
> the appropriate libc.
> I'm wondering if maybe I should just install an
> earlier version of netscape? Or should I
> install
> a new version of libc and if so, which one?
> here is a screen print of my error message when
> I
> try to run netscape:
> ========
> xucaen@debian:/usr/local/netscape$ ls
> LICENSE   XKeysymDB   libnullplugin-dynMotif.so
> netscape-dynMotif  vreg    Netscape.ad 
> bookmark.htm  nethelp   plugins  README  java 
> netscape   registry
> xucaen@debian:/usr/local/netscape$ ./netscape
> ./netscape: error in loading shared libraries:
> libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2: cannot open shared
> object file: No such file or directory 
> xucaen@debian:/usr/local/netscape$
> ========
> I installed netscape as root using the
> ns-install
> script that came with netscape.
> thanks!!!
> xucaen
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