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Re: lilo.conf 21.6.1 will soon be out

On Sunday 07 January 2001 07:34, Mircea Luca wrote:
> Since this thread is CC'ed to debian-user,is it a known fact that
> message=/boot/graphic_screen doesn't work with the new lilo or is it a
> bug
> I should report ?For now I installed the storm's version of lilo and
> holded
> the official lilo(1:21.6-2).

It's not known to me!  Yes, please report the bug at level 2 (package is 
unsuitable for stable release).  Please send me a private email containing 
the contents of your bug report.

I need to know:
What you were previously doing.
What the new lilo does (or doesn't do).
Whether it's a problem of the debconf (which doesn't include code for 
message= yet) or whether the lilo itself is at fault.

A copy of your message send as a file attachment (note please don't paste it 
into a message) in a private email to me would be good too.

Also 21.6.1 will be released soon.  If the bug appears to be in lilo itself 
then I'll forward it upstream ASAP so that the new version will hopefully fix 
Currently my lilo packages have some code from 21.6.1 and the previous lilo 
package was in an even worse situation regarding having upstream patches in 
the Debian patch.
I would like to have my package as close to the upstream source as possible, 
so please report any issues that may be upstream bugs with as much speed as 
possible so I can make a clean package of 21.6.1!

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