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Re: lilo.conf

On Sunday 07 January 2001 05:20, Tibor D. wrote:
> Russell Coker wrote:
> > On Saturday 06 January 2001 21:19, Tibor D. wrote:
> >> Could you imagin squid.conf without any comments and example-lines? The
> >
> > Incidentally I have recently submitted a proposal for debconf'ing Squid.
> > I've forward it to debian-user a few minutes ago.
> As I mentioned above, I'd really like to have a fast way to setup squid
> or lilo (with some menu-system), but I'd like to have the possibility to
> update the original conffiles by hand (and to know that these lines
> won't just disappear when installing an update).
> Today I had to update /etc/inetd.conf and to activate swat (its for
> samba) and there I saw already the line: #<off># swat .......
> There I found that these lines can be changed by the "update-inetd"-tool.
> I think something like that would be cool, so one can insert own lines,
> but some tool can also handle those labeled-lines (and only those). So
> the config-files remain transparent.
> I think it's not the idea of debconf, to really have all possible
> variables of lilo.conf/squid.conf changed, but only the "most wanted"
> for a fast setup.

In the next version there is a debconf option for whether you want to 
overwrite an existing lilo.conf file with a generated file.
Also I have added a "-f" option to liloconfig to force the creation of a new 
file, so you could create a new file when you want with "liloconfig -f", also 
I've made liloconfig take a parameter of the file to create, so you could do 
"liloconfig /tmp/lilo.conf" to see what it suggests (and then do what you 
like with the output).

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