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Re: lilo.conf

On Saturday 06 January 2001 21:19, Tibor D. wrote:
> I like it that by now you can set up lilo with debconf, thats a good
> idea, it's now possible to set lilo up very fast. But: would it be
> possible to leave lilo.conf's original "look and feel"? I mean like when
> you install exim, you can config it with debconf, but the exim.conf
> looks like the original file with all comments in it, so it is easy to
> configure it with some editor afterwards when you need some more
> sophisticated configuration. Unset config-lines stay just commented.

I'll put some comments in once I have the basic functionality working.

BTW  There's a new version available for testing at 
http://www.coker.com.au/lilo/ , it should solve most of the issues that have 
been discussed.
There is one bug in the 21.6-3 package, that is that installation will fail 
if you have debconf set to not display high priority messages (IE display 
only critical).  I think that I have a solution for this but I'll have to do 
it tomorrow.

> Could you imagin squid.conf without any comments and example-lines? The

Incidentally I have recently submitted a proposal for debconf'ing Squid.  
I've forward it to debian-user a few minutes ago.

> best would be, if your install-script could read the original
> lilo.conflines and present that entries in debconf as "default values".
> I think that's *the* greate thing in debian, that one can change the
> original config-files without having fear that some tools will overwrite
> it (thats why I changed from suse to debian. So I could learn much more
> about linux than just living with the "yast").
> And the problem with overwriting the old configfile isn't very nice,
> just 1 lilo.conf.old isn't enough, maybe a first possibility would be
> with "logrotate"?

Logrotate is a good idea.  I'll do it tomorrow.

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