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Re: lilo.conf

I like it that by now you can set up lilo with debconf, thats a good idea, it's now possible to set lilo up very fast. But: would it be possible to leave lilo.conf's original "look and feel"? I mean like when you install exim, you can config it with debconf, but the exim.conf looks like the original file with all comments in it, so it is easy to configure it with some editor afterwards when you need some more sophisticated configuration. Unset config-lines stay just commented. Could you imagin squid.conf without any comments and example-lines? The best would be, if your install-script could read the original lilo.conflines and present that entries in debconf as "default values". I think that's *the* greate thing in debian, that one can change the original config-files without having fear that some tools will overwrite it (thats why I changed from suse to debian. So I could learn much more about linux than just living with the "yast"). And the problem with overwriting the old configfile isn't very nice, just 1 lilo.conf.old isn't enough, maybe a first possibility would be with "logrotate"?

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