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Re: lilo.conf

On Saturday 06 January 2001 16:38, Marc Wilson wrote:
> No, /etc/lilo.conf.old does NOT have a backup.  It has a copy of a
> configuration I was using months ago.  More than likely I'd made a copy of
> my configuration for some reason under that name, although I don't remember
> doing it.  I do recognize the configuration in that file as being an old
> one, however.  Does yours not overwrite a .old file if it finds one?  Why
> was a backup necessary in the first place?  I wasn't asked if I wanted my

The following command is used:
mv /etc/lilo.conf /etc/lilo.conf.old

Unless some of the files were immutable then it should have been renamed.

The shell was run with -e so if it couldn't be renamed then the entire 
process should have aborted.

The only way I can imagine for you to have an old copy of your data in 
/etc/lilo.conf.old is if you had old data in /etc/lilo.conf !

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