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Re: kernel 2.4 - modutils

On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 03:54:00PM -0600, Rob VanFleet wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 04:42:20PM -0500, Alec Smith wrote:
> > You need to be using at least modutils 2.3.23 or 2.3.24 for the new kernel
> > to work correctly... Ultimately, you'll want to be using modutils 2.4.0
> > once its out.
> Ugh, version in testing is 2.3.11-13.1.  Would it be possible to get the
> source packages for modutils from unstable and just recompile them (with
> my current 2.2.18 kernel that is)?

Yes, apt-get source -b modutils will do it (assuming unstable has an
deb-src line in /etc/apt/sources.list).

Let me warn you about something that bit me twice in just over a week.
If you don't have bison and flex installed (there may be more for all I
know) the modutils .deb will happily build itself but it won't contain
certain crucial programs like /sbin/genksyms.  This will result in bad
things happening.  It annoyed me to such a great degree that I actually
looked in to what it would take to bolt build-dependencies on to
apt-get...but that's another story.


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