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Re: How to make a new rescue boot disk for new Kernel?

Jack O Max wrote:
> Can someone tech me step by step to create a new escue
> boot disk in Debian after I built a new Kernel 2.2.18 ?

If you used make-kpkg (see the thread `New course for Debian
University), and used dpkg to install the new kernel-image package, dpkg
will ask you if you'd like to make a new floppy.  Alternatively, you
could go into your kernel-source directory at type:

 # make bzdisk

With a blank floppy in fd0.  This will put your new kernel onto a floppy
for you, and make it bootable.  If you're referring to making a
rescue/root set, this is quite a bit more complicated, and should be
referred to debian-boot.

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