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Re: newbie: 3c905C eth0 card not detected

M K Saravanan wrote:
> hi,
> I have been using RH linux. after reading several success stories of debian,
> decided to switch over to deb.  I installed Debian2.1.  It is not detecting my
> ethernet card [3Com 3c905c 10/100]. how to activate it?

I hope you can get a copy of Debian 2.2 soon; 2.1 (Slink) is ancient. 
Add `3c59x' to the file /etc/modules, and the module for your card will
be inserted the next time you boot.  Alternately, you could add `alias
eth0 3c59x' to /etc/modutils/local and run update-modules, which does
almost the same thing, except that it only loads the module when eht0 is
activated instead of at boot time.

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