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Re: Network printing

Am 11.12.2000 14:49 Uhr schrieb Eileen Orbell unter eileen@orbell.com:

> Hi,
> Firstly, thanks to everyone who helped me with my sound card worries, I
> finally have it all working nicely including Audio CD's working.  I have
> had problems with sound for quite a long time so I am pretty damm
> happy.  Anway's, another problem I have had for some time is the inability
> to print.  I have a HP720 hooked to my Windows 2000 box and would really
> like to print from Debian to it.  I also have a NT box which uses the
> printer.  Is it possible that I could print to the network printer?
> My Debian machine goes straight into a Hub which has cable modem going into
> it also and my Windows 2000 and NT machine go into a Linksys router which
> also accesses the cable modem.  The main reason I do not use the router for
> the Debian box is because I have a static IP for hosting my website and a
> domain name that is resolved to the IP.  Not sure if I said to much here
> but thought it might decide if I could or could not network print.
> Thanks
> Eileen Orbell

Hi Eileen,

if you can ping your box where your printer is connected to, you can print
over your net.
At first you have to "share" your printer to your network on the windows
At second (from www.cups.org/sam.html):

The second way is through the Microsoft Server Message Block ("SMB")
protocol. Support for this protocol is provided with the free SAMBA software
package. You can download SAMBA from:


To configure CUPS for SAMBA, run the following command:

ln -s `which smbspool` /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb ENTER

to install your printer an the debian side:


That´s it,

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