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Re: MP3 players

On Mon, Dec 11, 2000, brian moore wrote:
> Radio Shit has one advertised in their current catalog (supposedly 'RCA"
> made, but who -really- makes it is another question -- even the old
> 'minimus11' speakers, the only decent thing R/S has ever made now are
> supposedly made by RCA).  Grab a CueCat while you're there for grins. 
> Availability is another question:  the Radio Shit drone insisted they
> had no such thing and MP3's wouldn't work on CD's because "they come
> on chips!" or something....  when I pointed it out to him in the
> catalog, he insisted they not only didn't have one, they wouldn't
> carry it.  Perhaps you won't have such a fool at your local Radio
> Shit.

Drone is right.  what is wrong with these people?  Has Radio Shack no
respect for its company to hire bumbling idiots?  I live in NYC, but
for about 5 years lived up in Salem, MA.  Near where I was working at
the time at NEC in Boxboro, MA, we would sometimes go to this Radio
Shack there for this and that.  We tried not to, though, since this
one guy there was so disturbing.  He would greet you every time you
came in, introducing himself and seeing how he could help you.  We
always wondered what his deal was but could never figure anything out.
finally once nice warm summer say we are walking about in the parking
lot and see this him sitting in his car, door, open, blasting gospel
tunes and singing along.  Aha.  That day it was confirmed to me yet
again that there is no god.  No god with any respect for itself would
have this person as a representative.


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