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Re: X after booting

Am Donnerstag,  7. Dezember 2000 17:19 schrieb Joerg Friedrich:
> > Starting this manually as root works as expected. While booting I get:
> >   X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.
> >   var: allowed_users, value: rootonly.
> >   var: nice_value, value: -10.
> I do this at the end of /etc/inittab:
> ki:4:respawn:/bin/su test -c "cd && /usr/bin/X11/xinit"
> which starts xinit as user test.
> a proper $userhome/.xinitrc will start anything you like

Hmm. For my config the above message is shown after "kill -HUP 1" again.
So it still does not work. Maybe this is XFree4?

I found that there is no "UID / USER / etc." enviroment variable set after 
the init(script) call...


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