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reinstall-->can't find modules w/new kernel

I just reinstalled from Potato CD's to clean out some very messy stuff I had
done to my system with Woody... :)

I pulled out a custom 2.4 kernel package which had been made previously by
make-kpkg, and installed it.  There are a number of modules, including
soundcore (for the ALSA driver I use).  On reboot I get a series of messages
stating that modules are not found, and when I attempt to load soundcore
with insmod, it also fails with the same message (module not found).  A
recompile of the kernel from sources and reinstall also fails, so it's
nothing weird about the build, AFAICT.

I thought that the kernel .deb package would have managed this for me, but
depmod -a does nothing.  I have tried this several times..

I just got soundcore to install, but that was accomplished by specifying the
entire path to the driver.  I thought this information wasn't required.  Am
I wrong about this?

Is there something I'm blind to that makes obvious sense here??  

Would appreciate any help!

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