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Re: coping with a high-volume mailing list (like this one)?

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On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 12:20:41PM +1100, Chris Kenrick wrote:
> Re: coping with a high-volume mailing list (like this one)?
>   >I would assume that if you didn't want to leave the mail on the remote 
>   >server you'd just use fetchmail to download it, although, I *think* 
>   >gnus has it's own software to download the mail if that's what you 
>   >want. 
>   You can still use fetchmail to get the mail even if you _do_ want to leave it
>   on the IMAP server (can't remember the switch offhand).  Although what
>   the original poster _might_ have meant by disconnected mode is that the
>   client only connects to the IMAP server when it wants to do something 
>   (send/check mail), and is disconnected otherwise.  Maybe some clients
>   keep the IMAP session up all the time?

Well I'm no expert, but I suspect that "disconnected mode" with
IMAP means that after IMAP has downloaded all the mail headers, it
disconnects, allowing the user to peruse the mail headers and
mark the ones (s)he wishes to download, and mark the ones (s)he
wishes to delete.  Then the user reconnects, and IMAP causes
all the downloads and deletes to happen quickly.

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