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Re: Command to determine resolution

Karsten M Self <kmself@ix.netcom.com> writes:
KMS> I note that my system is running at 75 dpi.  Will 100 dpi give more or
KMS> less resolution, and how do I set resolution anyway?

That number is basically a measurement of how big fonts are; a bigger
number means you'll have larger fonts.  On a 75dpi display, a 72-point 
font will be 75 pixels high, but it would be 100 pixels high on a
100dpi display.  (Because it's trying to be "one inch" tall, and
that's its concept of how big "one inch" is.)

Especially at higher display resolutions, it's nice to use the larger
font sizes to get readable displays.  There's not an XF86Config
option for it, I don't think, but you can pass the '-dpi' switch to
your X server to change the number.  If you're using xfs, its
configuration file includes a default font resolution; you should make 
sure its configuration file matches the font resolution you're running 
X at.

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