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ISDN says "no channel for ippp0" on dialing... why?

I've tried to install ISDN for a friend.  Now I got the Hisax module running
(after I found the secret incantation needed for the ISA Siemens I-Surf 1.0
(some PEEKs and POKEs (yes ;-) in isapnp.conf)).

But when I try dialing, it says

   isdn_net_force_dial: No channel for ippp0
I've looked for that message in the kernel sources, but the only thing I get
is that the ISDN subsystem seems to think that all the channels are used
up... but there's nothing using the ISDN line!

So... what do I miss?  If any config files are needed, ask me... though
everything seems to be in order.

Really, I'm stumped...

Bye, J

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