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Re: potato-n-woody side by side?


I think I've committed to retreating to stable until I'm a more
knowledgeable user ... I think in my case the upgrading to Woody was kind
of hubris-driven anyway: y'know, the need to have the latest and greatest
and all the great apps. Really, though, why do I think I *need* Perl 5.6
if I really don't know Perl terribly well yet?

Just wish I could put a stack of (O'Reilly?) books under my pillow and
wake up all ready to achieve wizard-status the next morning ...
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At 9:16am on Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Nick Croft wrote:

> Glenn,
> I also lost my backspace key in the process. 
> In desperation I rang a friend who logged in to my box and offered advice.
> It seems that you need to nudge apt to keep going with installation. It
> comes to an end, you start to use your machine and then find some packages
> won't work.
> Have a look in /var/cache/apt/archives. See if the package is there. If
> you need it straight away, then just dpkg -i <package>.deb . Otherwise
> issue:  apt-get dist-upgrade    again to start the ball rolling.
> Eventually you get there. 
> I spent about 30 hours on the net in all, ftping woody by way of apt-get.
> __________________________
> If you're having trouble with the backspace key - so am I. It may be a
> quirk of xfree86-4.
> You can fix it with
> 	xmodmap -e "keycode 22 = BackSpace"
> which is case sensitive.
> This works for the duration of the session. You can make it permanent by
> writing a .Xmodmap file for your user, containing just the line
> 	keycode 22 = BackSpace
> No doubt the gurus will notice this problem which lots of people are
> getting at the moment.
> Nick

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