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Re: potato-n-woody side by side?

I also lost my backspace key in the process. 
In desperation I rang a friend who logged in to my box and offered advice.

It seems that you need to nudge apt to keep going with installation. It
comes to an end, you start to use your machine and then find some packages
won't work.

Have a look in /var/cache/apt/archives. See if the package is there. If
you need it straight away, then just dpkg -i <package>.deb . Otherwise
issue:  apt-get dist-upgrade    again to start the ball rolling.
Eventually you get there. 

I spent about 30 hours on the net in all, ftping woody by way of apt-get.
If you're having trouble with the backspace key - so am I. It may be a
quirk of xfree86-4.
You can fix it with
	xmodmap -e "keycode 22 = BackSpace"
which is case sensitive.

This works for the duration of the session. You can make it permanent by
writing a .Xmodmap file for your user, containing just the line
	keycode 22 = BackSpace

No doubt the gurus will notice this problem which lots of people are
getting at the moment.


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