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potato-n-woody side by side?


My history with woody is checkered. The first time I upgraded from potato
I had *no* problems apart from having to wait for everything to download
and unpack, etc. I finally sank what was a decently-working woody system
by opening dselect in a spirit of "oh, what's THIS for" and mucking
everything up.

Since then, all my efforts to upgrade to woody have been disastrous: I
couldn't get X to boot because of a missing default 'cursor' font; I
somehow couldn't backspace in X; certain packages would refuse to
configure completely, and so on and so on and so on.

Anyway, I'd like to: split up my main partition and install woody "next
to" potato, so I always have a solid working version. I believe that with
30G I should have enough room... I was wondering whether anyone's used GNU
parted & can report on its reliability ...

A stupid idea? I've gotten the reinstallation of potato (following a woody
tangle) down to a matter of flying fingers, but it sure still feels like a
lot of wasted time, especially when I have work pending. But I want some
of the stuff in unstable ... and every time I try to set it up, I learn

Thanks in advance for feedback or psychoanalysis.


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