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isdnutils does not start ipppd


my father just updated his system to woody, now we have some isdn connection 
every config files are the same as before and everything seems to works but 
when isdnutils are started, it says:
starting isdn: interfaces
and not 
interfaces, ipppd.

so when trying to open a connection (using isdnctrl) it says that it can't 
find a free connection to ipppd. this isn't a surprise if ipppd is not 
so what could be the couse for this strange behaviour?
btw, /var/log/daemon.log says:
modprobe: can't locate module ippp0 and
modprobe: can't locate module char-major-45
(both several times).

in /etc/modules the following modules are loaded:

hisax type=5 irq=10 io=0x300 protocol=2

any ideas?
i don't hope woody's isdnutils is broken, cause he won't be able to fix 
anything without a working connection.

any ideas?

please :)

i finally want to show him the greatness of a working debian system ;)


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