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Re: Froze Up: Lack of Memory

kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:

> I've been kicking this issue around for a while and would be interested
> in ideas for a low-memory monitor or something similar which would
> identify high-utilization processes and kill them rather than bringing
> the entire system to a crashing halt.
> Then there's always ulimit -- but this doesn't address the issue of
> *system* resource saturation, only for a given user.
> I've also heard that FreeBSD handles low-memory situations more
> gracefully tha GNU/Linux, thoughts?

linux already has this built into the kernel, called the OOM killer. the
trouble is
it is very very difficult to find which processes are using the most
memory, i know
it sounds weird that it should be easy but i remember reading a
technical explanation
why it was so hard on kt.linuxcare.com a couple months back.  the OOM
killer is getting
better but it will probably never be perfect. it may not even be
possible to have it
be perfect. and btw i have had a freebsd machine run out of memory it
locked HARD.
it was obvious there was a process that was chewing it all(Unreal
tournament server
using almost 700megs of RAM, 768MB ram total, 0 swap at the time) one
second it was fine
the next it was dead. couldnt even ctrl-alt-del had to power cycle it
(FreeBSD 4.0)

so whoever said that freebsd handles low memory situations
better...probably has enough
ram/swap to not have it happen to them :) my desktop has 512MB ram and
about 350MB swap..
of course i never see a OOM(out of memory) condition(running debian

check the archives on kernel traffic (kt.linuxcare.com) there has been
quite a bit
of discussion on the OOM killer in recent months. although i believe
most of the developments
are in the 2.3/2.4 series ...


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