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Froze Up: Lack of Memory

boy I can't believe this.
My system totally froze up, apparently to
memory exhaustion?  Can this be?

Debian potato, gnome desktop, 256 Mbytes
of memory.

gkrellm, the system monitor, was froze too,
but the display showed the swap file was
down to 0 bytes free.  There was about 23 Mbytes
of main memory free when it froze.

I had an emacs session running,  a Mozilla 18 session
running.  I was messing around with the background
via the gnome control panel.

I tried to exit X-windows with the magic key strokes.
I wasn't able to telnet in from another machine.

why does Mozilla have such a huge foot print?
It takes up around 100 Mbytes while Netscape is
down around 15 Mbytes.

- greg s.

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