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Re: Problem with pppd and Kernel

You are correct. I had not recompiled the kernel. At least not yet. I did
try to make the connection as root and had not tried as a user just yet. I
normally try to make the initial connection as root. Make sure it it clean
and then use always as a user.

Now that having tried the option of re-running pppconfig and still no
success as a user any ideas on where I should go now? Would a recompile be
the best option in this case?

Thank you for the assistance.


On 27 Nov 2000, John Hasler wrote:

> Patrick Cheong Shu Yang writes:
> > I suspect it is when he compiled his kernel....
> I wasn't aware that he had compiled his kernel.
> > Also, for pon to work when logged in as a "normal" user, the user needs
> > to be added to the "dip" group.
> Which is why I told him to add himself as a ppp user in pppconfig: that is
> what it does.

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