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Re: Harddisk controller

> > <snip>
> > > Just applie the kernel patches from www.linux-ide.org, this 
> > make
> > > the kernel auto-detect the promise ata100 controller (at least 
> > my
> > > asus a7v mb)
> > <snip>
> >
> > That's great, but it's a little hard to apply the patch if linux
> > isn't installed yet. (obviously once it is installed you can then
> > apply the patch (or build a newer kernel as I have done now) 
> > than use the lilo.conf method).
> >
> > Please excuse the nested brackets :)
> >
> > Barney
> A way to do it, could be to plug the harddrive directly to your 
> boot from the cd-rom like you normally do, patch your kernel and 
> linux will discover your ata100 controller. then you can replug the 
> to the ata100 controller
> /jens
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The problem with this is that you need to change your fstab entries, 
and then on reboot you have to indicate the new location of the root 
partiton and then fix your lilo.conf. The way I suggested earlier in 
the thread (ie telling linux that there is a controller for ide2 and 
giving it the appropriate io adresses) is probably easier. (And you 
don't need to open the box :) )

But hey whatever works for you :)


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