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Re: Harddisk controller

> <snip>
> > Just applie the kernel patches from www.linux-ide.org, this will
> make
> > the kernel auto-detect the promise ata100 controller (at least at
> my
> > asus a7v mb)
> <snip>
> That's great, but it's a little hard to apply the patch if linux
> isn't installed yet. (obviously once it is installed you can then
> apply the patch (or build a newer kernel as I have done now) rather
> than use the lilo.conf method).
> Please excuse the nested brackets :)
> Barney

A way to do it, could be to plug the harddrive directly to your board.
boot from the cd-rom like you normally do, patch your kernel and then
linux will discover your ata100 controller. then you can replug the calbe
to the ata100 controller


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