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Re: apt-get, allow only one connection

Erik Steffl [steffl@bigfoot.com] wrote:
>   is there any way to restrict apt-get to download one file at a time
> only?

When it downloads two files at a time, this means there are two lines
in /etc/apt/sources.list corresponding to the two files.  The only way
I can think of of forcing it to download from only one, is to comment
out one of the lines.

But I don't see that yoy should need to do this.  Just ignore the one
that times out and download everything else.  Then when everything
else is downloaded, run apt-get again, and this time it will only try
to download from the timed-out site.  So the second time through it
will only be trying to download from one site.



>   it downloads two of them and one of them timeouts quite often.
>   this happens since I moved and now only have 33.600 (I used to have
> about 42.000 and it worked ok)
>   [haven't found anything realted in man apt-get]
>   TIA
> 	erik
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