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Re: ssh authentication

on Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 07:20:37PM +0100, robert_wilhelm_land (Robert.Land@t-online.de) wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:
> > rland@urbia.de wrote:
> > >logged as a normal user I would like to open up X-apps requiring root
> > >permissions.
> > 
> > As root in root's home directory, make .Xauthority a symbolic link to
> > your normal user's .Xauthority file (or set the XAUTHORITY environment
> > variable to the location of that file). Then you can just run X programs
> > while inside 'su'.
> This works nicely - thank you very much!

*Don't* do this.

Linking files under /root to normal user files is, in general, a Bad

Instead, do this the right way, running as root:

    xauth -merge ~/<my user id>/.Xauthority

You'll have to re-run this when updating your user xauth key, but this
generally happens rarely.

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