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Re: monitor resolution only low w/ Storm/Debian

what kind of video card(brand) and what chipset is on the card? and how
much memory is on the card? some cards simply do not work well in X.
when using linux i stick to only a few cards:

voodoo3 series
Matrox G200/G400 series
Nvidia TNT/TNT2 series

for best compadiblity and easiest installation. I avoid ATI, S3, Voodoo4
and higher, Geforce cards, and pretty much anything else other then the
above on *my* systems that use X.


Gregory Guthrie wrote:
> I installed the latest Storm version of Debian, and one nice thing is that
> it has such easy setup.
> But, re:video modes, I told it my monitor (NEC GFx3) and video card by
> name, but with anything bigger than 600x400 is just gibberish. Windows
> liked it all fine at 800x600, and I think even higher modes.
> ??
> Gregory Guthrie
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