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RE: jdk - installation

Hi Michael,
I did it myself this weekend, on my potato box.  There's a woody build too,
and it's all in non-free.
Go to http://www.blackdown.org for some instructions and links to mirrors.
Also check archives of debian-java.
As for a dev env, I _think_ Borland (or Sybase, whoever they're called these
days) has JBuilder available.  Something in the back of my brain is saying
Sun has something also, and you may want to see if IBM has got one for their
Jikes machine.



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> Subject:	jdk - installation
> Hi,
> I never installed JDK for Linux before, I'm running woody and would like
> to  do that now since I really need it for the university-stuff here.
> Anyone that could help maybe by naming a nice apt-get install package-name
> command is welcome as well as people that could tell me what stuff /
> opportunities I have to get a running java-compiler maybe even a
> development
> environment... 
> Greetings,
> Michael
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