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SOLVED Re: Emacs shell with ^]]0m !!!

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 02:34:32AM +0000, Jimmy O'Regan wrote:

:Looks like ansi escape stuff. If you have colour enabled in ls, or in your
:prompt you'll get it.

Spot on! Thanks

I can now reproduce this:

[jon@amergin jon]$ ls /
Audio       cdrom   home        lost+found  ramfs  trash

[jon@amergin jon]$ ls --color=auto /
^[[0m^[[01;34mAudio^[[0m       ^[[01;34mcdrom^[[0m
^[[01;34mhome^[[0m        \
^[[01;34mlost+found^[[0m  ^[[01;34mramfs^[[0m  ^[[01;34mtrash^[[0m

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