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Re: I can burn CDs, but can't mount any CDs.

John Travis wrote:

[In response to a previous poster who said:]
> >I have no problems burning CDs, its just that now I can't mount any CDs
> >- data or audio.

> >/dev/cdrom is the correct symlink to my CD-ROM device (not CD-RW), and
> >this was all working before I changed the kernel to be able to burn CDs.
> >
> >What is the best way of configuring the kernel so I can use both my
> >CD-ROM (Creative 52X IDE/ATAPI) and CD-RW (Yamaha CRW2100E IDE/ATAPI) ?
> I have seen similar docs saying that you can't have regular ide-atapi
> and scsi emulation support at the same time, but it isn't true.  So go
> back an include ide-atapi support for your creative, and
> scsi-emulation for your yamaha (I would just do it modularly).  Then
> set up lilo or grub or whatever you use so it knows you want to use
> emulation on that specific drive...

I was never able to make the above fix work (i.e. have both ATAPI/IDE
CD-ROM and a ide-scsi CD-RW).  However, the penalty is not so awful:
it's just that the CD-ROM is now a SCSI device.  I used to have the
CD-ROM as /dev/hdc, but after installing ide-scsi support, it and
the CD-RW are /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1 respectively, for mounting disks.
The CD-RW is refered to as /dev/sg0 though, when I write to it.

In general, scd# is a "SCSI CD Device" and sg# is a "SCSI Generic

The original poster can probably solve his problem by changing the
/dev/cdrom symlink to point to the correct device.

Good luck.

Terry Hancock

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