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RE: Oracle8iR2 install problem on Debian potato

	I just did an Oracle8iR2 install with Red Hat 6.2.  According to the OTN
website http://otn.oracle.com, there are no requirements for the Java
Runtime Engine v1.1.8, which should be included with your installation
materials (Join the OTN it's free, and you can download software).  I
recommend using bash or sh, and not ksh only due to familiarity, and the
installation documentation lists everything in sh or csh.
	If and when you get it installed (took me more than one try even on Red
Hat), and you get to the "automatic" startup (i.e., startup on boot), you
must modifty the stock dbstart to scan for JServer instead of the other (I
can't remember what the other type is, but you'll see it).  If I think of
anything else, I'll let you know.

Sorry I couldn't help more,


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> From: Lewis, James M. [mailto:Jim.Lewis@alcoa.com]
> Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 3:37 PM
> To: 'debian-user'
> Subject: Oracle8iR2 install problem on Debian potato
> I can't get oracle to install on a debian potato system.  The
> problem is that the installer will not run.  What I get is
> Initializing Java Virtual Machine from
> ../stage/Components/oracle.swd.jre/1.1.8/1/DataFiles/Expanded/linu
> x/bin/jre.
> Please wait...
> (that should be one long line...)
> Then the screen immediately fills up with
> whence: not found
> whence: not found
> ...
> I think I am missing something on the system but I can't tell
> what.  I tried changing /bin/sh to point to ksh.  The whence
> messages went away but the thing hangs and takes all the cpu.
> Anyone have any ideas?  Any help, no matter how trivial, is
> greatly appreciated.
> I have looked at the web site
> http://jordan.fortwayne.com/oracle/index.html.
> It seems to be very good but doesn't address this problem at
> all.  In fact, most everybody seems to be able to run the
> installer but me!...
> tia
> jim
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