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Re: How to set up ISA SCSI card.

"Terry Hancock" <hancock@earthlink.net> writes:
> Briefly, does anyone know how to set up a jumpered
> ISA SCSI card properly?  I have the I/O and IRQ
> settings on the card, but don't know where to put
> the information.

You first need to figure out what module you need. The Hardware HOWTO
was the right place to start, but you need to learn to use it just a
bit better. To the right of each entry there is usually a listing of
the Linux driver that works with your hardware. See below.

> The card itself (Adaptec 1502) is listed in the
> Linux Hardware HOWTO as "supported", but I don't
> know what modules to load, what arguments to
> give them, how to get them configured at install
> time, or where the documentation is.

First, are you sure your card is supported? I see the 1502E, but no
mention of just a 1502. Maybe there's not a plain 1502? Anyway,
looking to the right of the 1502E entry it lists the AHA1520 driver.

Now you can go to the kernel source and look at the file
drivers/scsi/aha152x.c and it explains how to use either lilo command
line options (if aha152x is built into the kernel) or symbols for
module configuration if aha152x isn't built into the kernel but built
as a module.

Good Luck!

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