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Re: How to set up ISA SCSI card.


I have an AVA1505, which is similar.  What you do is set the jumpers.  The
module you should use is the aha152x module.  The problem with both of these
cards is that they don't have on-board BIOS's and therefore do not auto-probe
when the module is installed, so you have to set up the module manually.  Try
modprobe -a aha152x aha152x="ioport,irq,scsiidofcard,parity,reconnect"  For my
card, the append line was 0x340,11,7,1,1.  The IRQ and IOPORT are required, the
others are extra.

Good Luck

Terry Hancock wrote:

> Briefly, does anyone know how to set up a jumpered
> ISA SCSI card properly?  I have the I/O and IRQ
> settings on the card, but don't know where to put
> the information.

Michael J. Smith msmith4@gladstone.uoregon.edu
2250 Patterson #25 Eugene, OR 97405

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