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Re: PPP keeps on acting *strangely* ...

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Kristian Rink wrote:

> --snip--
> Nov 27 17:17:24 straylight chat[1054]:  -- got it
> Nov 27 17:17:24 straylight chat[1054]: send (ATDT0192666210^M)
> Nov 27 17:17:25 straylight chat[1054]: expect (CONNECT)
> Nov 27 17:17:25 straylight chat[1054]: ^M
> Nov 27 17:17:52 straylight chat[1054]: ATDT0192666210^MECT 115200^M
> Nov 27 17:18:08 straylight chat[1054]: }%B#}%}%}&um$}
> }'}"}(}"r0~~^?}#@!}!?} }9}
> "}&} }*} } }#}%B#}%}%}&um$} }'}"}(}"6k~~
> Nov 27 17:18:10 straylight chat[1054]: alarm
> Nov 27 17:18:10 straylight chat[1054]: Failed
> Nov 27 17:18:11 straylight pppd[1053]: Exit.
> --snip--
> After the last time I posted here I tried:
> --changing and trying to dial with different AT-init-commands
> --turning modem echo on / off
> --dialing with chat and wvdial
> --using differen providers to prevent problems with broken ppp servers
> --setting fixed speed (i.e. 57600) via pppconfig in dialup scripts
> Finally, *none* of this things changed anything about the modem behaviour.
> *Sometimes* it dials a hundred times without having any problems,
> sometimes it's almost impossible to connect for days without having errors
> like these. So it's obviously not solveable only by setting AT commands...

> Especially the marked line seems *strange* to me, what the h__k happens
> here???

I would guess that that is the echo coming back from the modem.  It
repeats the dial command you gave it "ATDT....", dials, connects, and
tells you how fast it connected "CONNECT 115200" (115.2k, including
hardware compression, etc).

I haven't been following your problem, and haven't used a modem in over
a year, but.....

Have you made a log of connection speeds where you were [un]successful?  
Since the script is expecting it to say "CONNECT" and it gets only the
last 10 chars of that string "ECT 115200" it might be assuming an error
condition.  From my days of reading up on AT commands, I remember my
modem had 4 options of verbosity of connect messages, ranging from a
number, to CONNECT/BUSY/NO DIALTONE to the full range of CONNECT
300/CONNECT 1200/CONNECT 2400/CONNECT 9600/......  You might want to try
setting yours to be less verbose so it says "CONNECT" instead of
"CONNECT 115200".

Just a wild guess.....

Damian Menscher
--==## Grad. student & Sys. Admin. @ U. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ##==--
--==## <menscher@uiuc.edu> www.uiuc.edu/~menscher/ Ofc:(217)333-0038 ##==--
--==## Physics Dept, 1110 W Green, Urbana IL 61801 Fax:(217)333-9819 ##==--

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