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Re: TTF - Fonts in KDE 2.0 apps

Sorry I didn't explain that properly. I meant, that I have xfstt serving
ttf fonts to X. This works fine with other apps (Nescape, Mozilla etc.),
so the problem is not there. konqueror and the other KDE2 apps however do
not see those fonts and do not offer them for selection.



On 26-Nov-2000 Bruce Sass wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Nov 2000 Manegold@uni-trier.de wrote:
>> Hi All!
>> Why is it that KDE2 apps don't offer any ttf-fonts supplied by the
>> xfstt-server? Other apps (Netscape Mozilla etc.) offer those fonts.
>> Even
>> some other (PS Type1) fonts supplied via xfs are not an option. Again
>> why?? How can I convince those apps to accept the ttf fonts too?
>> I'm running potato 2.2r0 with the debs of tdyc installed.
> There are no fonts supplied with xfstt, but the fonts from my brothers
> w95 disk and the TTF's packaged for Debian work just fine with the
> KDE2 .debs Ivan has been building.
> later,
>       Bruce

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