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"startx lxdoom" - wrong colormap


There's an old P90 at my school that we use during the breaks and it's
running potato.  I have installed lxdoom (the svgalib version of doom
doesn't work for some strange reason although other svgalib programs
like "thrust" work fine) on it and it works, however there is one

As the machine is quite old and has a very slow VGA I would like to
start doom this way:

startx lxdoom

so it will be the only X-client running.  When I do this, the game
works but the colors are just weird - the wrong colormap is set.  So I
have to type:

startx lxdoom -- -bpp 16

which shows perfect colors but is quite slow.

Is there a way to set the right colormap when running lxdoom
exclusively with 8bpp without a window manager?

Thanks for your help,


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