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lprng/samba/win98 problem, at a loss to know what to do

I hope someone can help me figure out what's going on here.  State so

1) printer is an OKI20, running native postscript.
2) lprng installed
3) magicfilter slected ps600

a) can print from Linux using lpr and also from Netscape
b) can print from Win98 DOS box with captured lpt1:
c) CAN'T print from a Win app.

What happens in (c) is that the print goes across (I can see network
activity) and /var/log/lp-acct shows "job start" and "job end" entries
at the same time and exactly the same as those cases which work ...
however no print arrives.

I figure it's _something_ to do with filtering, presumably Windows has
created a file which magicfilter is tossing away for some reason (?):
if this isn't the case then I've no idea.

Can someone please help me discover just where the print's going?

Robin Collins

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