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Re: lprng/samba/win98 problem, at a loss to know what to do

I had a similar problem with my Lexmark Optra E312 and discovered that
the Lexmark Windows driver sent the job as PJL, which the ps600 filter
rejects.  Since the Optra can process PJL, I edited the filter to add
that (using the information from another filter which did PJL).  

Before I got that to work, I did a workaround using a Laserwriter II
NTX driver in Windows (which only does 300 dpi).



On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 06:43:23PM +0000, Robin Collins wrote:
> I hope someone can help me figure out what's going on here.  State so
> far:
> 1) printer is an OKI20, running native postscript.
> 2) lprng installed
> 3) magicfilter slected ps600
> a) can print from Linux using lpr and also from Netscape
> b) can print from Win98 DOS box with captured lpt1:
> c) CAN'T print from a Win app.
> What happens in (c) is that the print goes across (I can see network
> activity) and /var/log/lp-acct shows "job start" and "job end" entries
> at the same time and exactly the same as those cases which work ...
> however no print arrives.
> I figure it's _something_ to do with filtering, presumably Windows has
> created a file which magicfilter is tossing away for some reason (?):
> if this isn't the case then I've no idea.
> Can someone please help me discover just where the print's going?
> Cheers,
> Robin Collins
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