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Re: Web pages with Konquorer

Quoting tim <tdwebste@netcentricnj.com>:

> P.S. I like Konquorer, cause its small.

I, too, like Konqueror overall, but I have some issues that keep me from using 
it.  Informationally, I am running a fully updated Potato installation.

1.)  Java and JavaScript don't work at all for me.

2.)  I have my own IMP webmail server where I do most of my email and IMP 
doesn't operate properly under Konqueror.  The frame on the left side doesn't 
reload, so I have to reload it manually whenever I log in or out.  Also, <TAB> 
works oddly.  When I type in my username, then hit <TAB>, the cursor actually 
goes UP to the URL window.  No combination of <TAB> or <SHIFT-TAB> allows me to 
get back to either the username or password fields.  I have to click there 
manually.  All of this works fine in IE under Win98/2000 and Netscape on all 

3.)  I have an account at msn.com where I am a member of a discussion message 
board.  When I go to msn.com and click on People & Chat, I get a login screen.  
I type in my login name (my hotmail email address) and password, click enter 
and it says "please enter your username".  Perhaps this is a Microsoft specific 
oddity, but there you are.


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deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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