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cdrom error - not playing sound


My CDROM was working yesterday?  I don't know what is happening now.  I
can access data disks on this devices just fine.  When I put in a music
CD and trying to play it use something like cdplay or Xplaycd the cdrom
does not start playing music.  cdplay is reporting an error as below
when I tried to run it: 

cdplay: ioctl cdromplaytrkind

What is weird is that a couple of boots ago cdplay was reporting a bunch
of error stuff that it has stopped doing?  Seems erratic.  My CDROM is
plugged in correct!  I checked.

Funning thing is if I press the play button on the front of my CDROM it
will begin to play music through my sound cards speak jack.  If I then
start say Xplaycd it shows the current track and time elapsed etc.  The
bummer is if I stop the CD from playing (using Xplaycd's stop button)
and try to start playing the CD again with Xplaycd's play button it does
not work. 

It seems like my CDROM is not recieving (or not interpreting the start
to play music signal)?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!


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