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Re: cdrom error - not playing sound

>>>>> "Yobb" == Yobb  <yobb@home.com> writes:

    Yobb> Help!

    Yobb> My CDROM was working yesterday?  I don't know what is
    Yobb> happening now.  I can access data disks on this devices just
    Yobb> fine.  When I put in a music CD and trying to play it use
    Yobb> something like cdplay or Xplaycd the cdrom does not start
    Yobb> playing music.  cdplay is reporting an error as below when I
    Yobb> tried to run it:

    Yobb> cdplay: ioctl cdromplaytrkind

For some reason, this ioctl stopped working in more recent kernels.
You need to find a CD player that doesn't use it.  I think gtcd (which
is gnome's CD player) should work.  


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